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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Roundup of Honduras: Crisis averted, More problems ahead

I was very happy to see that Honduras maintained it's constitution and order throughout the Mel crisis. However, Lobo does not seem to be standing up for liberty the same way Michaletti did, which is very unfortunate. I worry about where Honduras is headed.

I would like to see Michaletti recognized for saving the constitution of Honduras. A resolution in the US congress or state congresses would be an excellent method. Perhaps various 4th of July celebrations where awards are given out for promoting freedom would be appropriate. The power and vision of his leadership is more apparent with Lobo in charge.

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  1. I worry, too.

    Micheletti was recognized several times in his last month, including naming a road after him, a postage stamp, and several other awards. I'm not expecting anything from the international community and especially not from the US.