This blog describes some ideas that seem to be different from the current train of political thought. I will try to bring up somewhat unique and innovative ideas regarding political systems and policies in the US. I hope those who comment also bring in such ideas.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Race Wars and the US Census

The US Census is coming up, and I encourage everyone to fill the form out, as it serves the important purpose of tallying all the demographics. However, I would also suggest that you be wise in the way you answer.

The first question is your name, followed by your birthdate and age. To me, that is prime identity theft information. I see nothing wrong with asking about age for demographic purposes, but the connecting the two is problematic. My suggestion is to list a false birthdate, such that your age is correct. This is great for identity theft protection, because if a thief steals the information, it will backfire, and be much better than if you just left it blank.

The second and third questions involve ethnicity and race. To me, these seem to be directly related to racial politics, and thus something I feel is insulting. However, my advice is to be strictly honest. When it asks about ethnicity, it is asking about culture and not genetics. Thus, if you have been influenced by Hispanic culture, part of the origins of you and your personality is Hispanic. Check off the box of the type of Hispanic culture that has influenced you the most.

The third question involving race can also be successfully handled in a similar manner. As near as science can say, humanity has it's origins in Africa. Thus, everyone is an “African American,” and should check that box. Were you born in the United States? That makes you a Native American. Were you born in Asia? You are a native Asian. Also, look at racial origins in your religion. According to Jewish, Christian, and Islamic teachings, all nations of the Earth are decedents of Noah, making everyone of Mid-Eastern ancestry. You can check as many boxes as you like, so I suggest you do.

Finally, there is a checkbox below that says “other” and allows you to write in your race. I would encourage you to check that box and write in “Human.” Ultimately, that is the only race we belong to, and the only one to which we should want to belong.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Coup in Niger, Term Limits for Congress

The recent coup in Niger seems to be the eliminating of an elected leader that was trying a Chavez-style power grab by changing their constitution. For some reason, the US and world community has been much more supportive of the self-determination of the people of Niger. The contrast of the US response to the Honduras crisis has been noted by La Gringa and Aaron. I like to think the administration learned something from Honduras, and will not be so quick to judge the removal of a tyrant. Meanwhile, Chavez has been busying himself with plotting the murder of President Uribe in Colombia.

However, it is clear that the United States lacks a significant protection from tyranny in the form of congressional term limits. A constitutional amendment limiting representatives to 5 terms (10 years) and senators to 3 terms (18 years) would certainly go a long way to better representation. However, with it would also come the need to restrict the currently overpriced retirement funding for congressmen.