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Friday, March 5, 2010

Coup in Niger, Term Limits for Congress

The recent coup in Niger seems to be the eliminating of an elected leader that was trying a Chavez-style power grab by changing their constitution. For some reason, the US and world community has been much more supportive of the self-determination of the people of Niger. The contrast of the US response to the Honduras crisis has been noted by La Gringa and Aaron. I like to think the administration learned something from Honduras, and will not be so quick to judge the removal of a tyrant. Meanwhile, Chavez has been busying himself with plotting the murder of President Uribe in Colombia.

However, it is clear that the United States lacks a significant protection from tyranny in the form of congressional term limits. A constitutional amendment limiting representatives to 5 terms (10 years) and senators to 3 terms (18 years) would certainly go a long way to better representation. However, with it would also come the need to restrict the currently overpriced retirement funding for congressmen.

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