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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fight for libery continues while the sheep continue to bleet

Most of the media continue to act like sheep - supporting calls to reinstate Zaleya despite his numerous crimes. Same with the EU and Obama administration. Fortunately, there are those out there who actually do think a little bit. I will call attention to a few more of them here.

Election fraud by Zalaya seems to have been overlooked by most powers. However, it is being reported by Selwyn Duke from the New American. It was also picked up by Jeff Schreiber:

Although there was no election on June 28th ... these machines each contain "certified" voting records. And - not surprisingly - every single one indicates that Zelaya won the referendum overwhelmingly.

The Miami Herald, who has far and away had the best coverage of any major newspaper on this situation, comes through again. Carlos Alberto Montaner writes:

Venezuelans, Cubans, Nicaraguans and Salvadorans are already in Honduras forging that subversive operation with weapons and briefcases filled with petrodollars. If all goes well, once the participants reach a critical number, Zelaya would be helicoptered in from a neighboring country to lead the movement.
The trend of "letters to the editor" an opinoin pieces supporting the removal of Zelaya continues. It shows once again that the power brokers are unable to silence all dissent. William Ratliff writes in the LA Times:

The OAS declaimed its eternal rejection of the “anti-democratic, anti-constitutional military coup” by the new government. But it was Zelaya who was in the wrong. The OAS diplomats can’t have it both ways — professing their unshakable dedication to national constitutions and the rule of law even as they militantly make a hero of a country’s No. 1 lawbreaker.

From Venezuela the López Rafaschieri twins write:

If Zelaya returned to govern Honduras he would start a witch hunt to imprison all those who had some responsibility for his removal, would initiate a purge within the Honduran armed forces to remove the suspects, and would begin a relentless persecution of government dissenters with the excuse that all opponents were involved in the coup, which would facilitate that Zelaya completes the Chavez plan to make the Honduran political system a copy of the Castro-Chavez model.

David Dick from asks why the United States is supporting Zalaya. Shouldn't we be supporting consitutional laws and legal institutions that are designed to prevent domination by a strongman?

It's hard to see Zelaya as a sterling example of a democratic leader. Instead he looks like a petty tyrant who is more than willing to take the law into his own hands when things don't go his way. And this is the man we are supporting in Honduras?

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