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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More evidence of criminal activity by Zalaya

The Washington Times has released an article by Sarah A. Carter with a video showing Zalaya supporters stealing money on his behalf. It seems Zalaya is now a bank robber as well as an aspiring tyrant.

A security video from the Central Bank of Honduras made available to The Washington Times shows officials entering the bank June 24 and withdrawing large amounts of Honduran currency. The money was driven to the office of Mr. Zelaya's chief of staff, Enrique Flores Lanza, according to depositions by three witnesses to Honduran prosecutors.
She quotes Jaime Daremblum, former ambassador to Costa Rica.

It's really remarkable how corruption has become a trademark for the Chavez model in Latin America. You find corruption in Venezuela, Nicaragua and obviously it has been found in Honduras. It's big-time corruption.
The Washington Post reports that at least one senator is doing something positive to bring attention to the situation. Jim DeMint has delayed the confirmation vote on the assistant Secretary of State when he refused to discuss Honduras. DeMint stated:

President Obama rushed to side with Chavez and Castro before getting the facts. Now it's clear that the people of Honduras were defending the rule of law.
The Miami Herald has an article on Zalaya's plan to return. Ramón Vasquez, a border resident, is quoted as saying:

The U.S. should be thanking us for throwing Chávez out of the country. All we have been asking for is to be allowed to follow the constitution of our country.

Hot Air also chimes in with some analysis basically stating that time is on the side of truth.

The more time passes, the more opposition grows among Republicans and even moderate Democrats.

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