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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Great bit of sarcastic humour in Forbes

Claudia Rosset writes a great article in Forbes entitled "Win Over Washington One Nuke At A Time." Here is a quote:

Top priority: We recommend that you embark at speed on an illicit nuclear program, or at least give every possible sign of doing so. Place a phone call to Pakistan's nuclear comprador, A.Q. Khan, congratulating him on his release earlier this year from house arrest and inviting him to come sample Honduran night life. If you can't get through, then please, at the very least, indulge in a bit of bio-weapons research. Send a team to haggle over missiles from North Korea, and enlist a known Chinese front company to pay Pyongyang to send you a sanctions-busting weapons cargo, transshipped via Burma, to bolster the image. Set up a couple of training camps for terrorists, and invite one or two of the brand name groups to come sun themselves in view of U.S. spy satellites.
The article helps show the contrast between how the administration has been treating Honduras compared to how it has been treating dictators like Chavez. The article only missed Mugabe.

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