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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One month to go

One month to go before elections. Foreign Policy has an article entitled "Honduras is an Opportunity," subtitled "and the United States should not squander it." Very true.

John Kerry is trying to squash the report of the Library of Congress. However, he has yet to comment on the actual ruling of the Supreme Court. He also seems to ignore what he has said about Zelaya's actions on his own website, in an official statement to the OAS:
America values its longstanding partnership with Honduras, but a push to rewrite the constitution over the objections of Honduras's top court, legislature, attorney general, and military is deeply disturbing.
It is totally irresponsible of the press not to point this out. If they are going to report what Kerry is saying now, they should also point out what he said back then.

Meanwhile, the Mugabization of Venezuela continues with Chavez increasing his palace budget by 638%. Love that turn of a phrase. Now, can someone please explain to me why Morgan Tsvangirai didn't win the Nobel Peace Prize?

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