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Monday, October 19, 2009

State department showing cracks

First, the image is from the "Diseccionando a El País" blog. Excellent.

Second, a couple of weeks ago in a newspaper talkback page I suggested that the State Department probably had a report similar to the Congressional Research Service, but were probably trying to keep it secret. Enter the Koh report. It is likely the legal reasoning behind Obama's decision, but they are not letting anyone see it. It seems to me that it is probably fairly poor legal reasoning if they are not letting it out.

Any government that has a fairly independent civil service will come up with reports that do not support the current administration, and the recent cracks in the state department stance would support that conclusion. I bet that just as the State department is hiding the Koh report, it is hiding the legal analysis of multiple underlings that show the removal of Zelaya was legal. That would mean that research analysts from congress, the state department, and the UN all have concluded the removal of Zelaya was legal, while the upper level officials in each organization, who have little knowledge of the facts, support Zelaya. It is a real Dilbert situation, in which the pointy-haired bosses are clueless but in charge.


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