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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beer Diplomacy in Latin America

The New York Times reports on a letter the state department wrote Senator Richard Lugar. World 4 Honduras has a link to the actual letter. In it, the administration waffles on Honduras, which is certainly better then their initial reaction.

We also recognize that President Zelaya's insistence on undertaking provocative actions contributed to the polarization of Honduran society and led to a confrontation that unleashed the events that led to his removal ... Our policy and strategy for engagements not based on supporting any particular politician or individual.
Though this is a small step down, I think it is a big hit to the credibility of Zelaya to have this letter be printed. I think part of the administrations softening is due to the public outcry. They don't want to be caught up in what they and the general public see as a muddled situation. It is beer diplomacy in Latin America - an initial reaction turned out wrong, so the administration waffles and tries to work out a deal.

La Gringa comes through with an update on what is happening inside Honduras. She also has the above picture of the supposedly "peaceful" protesters brandishing clubs. Looks violent to me. She points out:

How is it that protesters are being shown on television every day (and rerun day after day) if they are truly being denied their civil right to protest?
It is certainly sad that two people have died in the violence, and I do think there is reason to attribute it to the police and military. But, there have been daily protests over a month, and as many people died at a soccer match. Given the murder rate in Honduras, this seems to be pretty small.

Finally, I have yet to read any OAS condemnation of Venezuela or Ecuador. It is blatant hypocrisy that the OAS is not warning them of violating the terms of the charter after their opposition to the removal of Zelaya.

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